Touchdown Kansas City!

November 12, 2009


Playing records at Casanova on Tuesday..

June 29, 2009

RIP Jack Cardiff

April 27, 2009

Late on this one too: We lost Jack Cardiff last wednesday, one of our greatest cinematographers.

However accidentally, the Castro is showing Black Narcissus on May 17th. I’m going..

Can’t remember if i posted this or not

March 24, 2009

Found these in what must be my sixth or seventh copy of The Bright Orange Years..

And a set list that includes some songs from the next album..


March 18, 2009


March 16, 2009

Late posting this one: Valentine’s Day dinner at home..

* Cornish game hens
* Red potatoes
* Arugula salad w/ homemade dijon vinagrette
* The bottle of champagne Ruben and Vanessa got us


March 14, 2009


March 6, 2009

Went to KC last weekend to see my folks, brother, and generally catch up. Highlights include:

Mary Lou Williams, the sandwich..

Snow, which was awesome. I haven’t seen that shit in well over a year..

This was pretty great..

This is the barbecue sauce section at a normal grocery store..

There’s a particular crispness that comes with this kind of frigid weather that i miss..

More pics here.

Revolutionary Roe

March 6, 2009

My entry in our friends’ Oscar-themed potluck party..

(The toothpics were there to hold the saran while in transit.)

Malibu People

February 26, 2009

Found this photo inside a used copy of the first John Phillips LP..